Tough Mudder 2015

This year was the second year for most of Team Kataclysm. The team member who had to step down from last year's event was able to participate this year and is already signed up for next year! Gluttons for adventure!

Here is this years team Before:
 And After

Definitely proud of our team.
If you select one of the pictures you can see more in our little gallery.

Kumite Seminar 2015

10 people participated in a most invigorating seminar on techniques intimately related to our close-in style of Goju Ryu.
Gohon kumite introduced concepts of circularity in defending from cat stance while countering with straight line techniques.  

Roppon kumite introduced the afternoon crowd to similar ideas with the defences being opened handed using haito uchi and also practicing one of Gojukai's basic ideas of blocks turning to attacks and attacks turning to defences.
By the end, brains were full, bodies weary and spirit invigorated!

Senseis observing sagely

Demo Team members high kicking Don't wait

This is the perfect time for the whole family to start:
  • Find renewal,
  • Exercise for health,
  • Make friends,
  • Learn new skills
  • Join in for regular training
Whatever your motivation, come and try something new.
See our Class Calendar for times.

Announcing the Ninja Kids Karate Summer Camp.

The camp runs from the 6th to the 9th of July from 9:30 am - 12:00 noon. There are more details on the Kids Class page.

We are devoted to a community spirited traditional approach to training in the martial art of Gojukai Karate-Do. Regular classes are held during the week for children, teenagers and adults of all ages. New students are always welcome.

Come and train with us.

As a member of the International Karate-Do Gojukai Association Canada we are part of a world wide organisation dedicated to peace and respect for ourselves and others.

Everything comes from the basicsOur karate training follows the teachings of the late Master Gogen Yamaguchi (The Cat).

We offer Adults and Teens classes Monday through Thursday evenings for those who want a challenge. Kids classes are available for a variety of ages and abilities.

In addition to Karate classes, other programs offered at West Coast Gojukai include Hatha Yoga classes for gentle stretching, strengthening, improved balance and better concentration. And for a more gentle approach try the Beginner Yoga Class.

We also offer a Traditional Weapons class. An excellent opportunity for those of you who want to experiment with an alternative to 'empty hand' martial arts.

Check our schedule for class times.

We are pleased to announce that the Maple Ridge dojo is going great. So if Coquitlam is too far to travel maybe this additional location will suit you.

Inspirational thoughts:
We do not receive wisdom, we must discover it for ourselves, after a journey through the wilderness, which no one else can make for us, which no one can spare us, for our wisdom is the point of view from which we must come at last to regard the world.  
-- Marcel Proust

The Gojukai fist is the trademark of IKGA Canada
West Coast Gojukai Karate is a member of the IKGA Canada and is a licensed user of the trademark.
Affiliated Dojo:Maple Ridge Karate
The Annual West Coast Gojukai Skills Competition was held on February 28th. Check out the details here

Happy Kids - New Friends

Winter Camp 2015 - Sylvan Lake

Every year Edmonton Gojukai hosts a Winter Training camp at Sylvan Lake. This is a tremendous opportunity for intensive training and a great opportunity to meet Karateka from other dojo's.

Here is a ---  Winter Camp 2015 Album --- with some photos of the students that participated.