Fantastic weekend for West Coast Gojukai at the recent Provincial Championships.
Congratulations to all our competitors.

Miguel - great performance - unfortunately no medals
Anson - Bronze Kumite
Clayton- Bronze Team Kata, Gold Individual Kata
Geoffrey - Bronze Team Kata, Silver Individual Kata
Zachary - Bronze Team Kata, Bronze Individual Kata
Mason - Gold U 21 Kata, Gold Men’s Kata

Here are some photos from the two days:

Congratulations to those who completed and passed their recent gradings.  Good job all around: 

* Miguel Fuentes Yellow 10 kyu
* Dana Mizuguchi Yellow 10 kyu
* Louie Bellini Yellow 10 kyu
* Norman Kaminski Yellow 10 kyu
* Anson Chiu Yellow 10 kyu
* Michelle Mihailoff Orange Stripe 9 kyu
* Kenan Avidan-Shavit Yellow 9 kyu
* Tristan Lee Orange 8 kyu
* Emerson Gestrin Green 6 kyu
* Clayton Chiu Blue Stripe 5 kyu
* Brayden Lee Blue Stripe 5 kyu
* Naoko Bellini Blue Stripe 5 kyu
* Elizabeth Hui Blue Stripe 5 kyu
* Kristina Lee Black Stripe 1 kyu

Four steps to better health

A four part series on improving yourself through better nutrition.
Part 3 - May 15th from 4 - 5 pm. 
Clear up carb confusion. The good, the not so bad and the ugly.
Led by Michelle Mozel MSc. Holistic Nutritionist .. Please RSVP to

Our skills challenge is coming up this will be our 7th Annual Skills Challenge and is always a ton of fun.

The format is unlike most other Karate Competitions and is a great way for young students to get an introduction to competitive Karate ina supportive environment.

More information and a signup package are available on the Skills Competition page.
Spring is in the air

We are Announcing a new BEGINNER YOGA Session  Starting April 26th.
Full details are on our Yoga page.