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Shihan Donna GardeckiOur classes are taught by Donna Gardecki Shihan who has a Masters of Science in Physical Education. She started her Karate training in 1984 at the University of Alberta in Edmonton (Canada).  Gardecki Sensei successfully passed to 6th dan in October 2017.

Gardecki Shihan has been teaching Karate since 1992 and has been running her own club since March 1997. She placed fourth at the Third International Gojukai Championships in the Women's (Advanced) Kata Division, and first place in the Women's Masters Black Belt Kata Division in the 2007 Canadian National Karate Championships.

Gardecki Shihan works as a Fitness and Rehabilitation Consultant in the Lower Mainland. Gardecki Shihan also serves on the Technical committee for IKGA Canada which ensures that a high standard and consistent method of teaching is maintained at all IKGA member dojo's. She was recently elected to the position of Vice President for Karate BC

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