Check the schedule for class times - All programs are held at the
West Coast Gojukai
99 Moray Street, Port Moody
For more information or to arrange your first class call:
778-355-Goju (4658) or
Or check us out on Facebook at westcoastgojukai

The Martial Arts for 50+ class at West Coast Gojukai is taught by a Master instructor in both Karate and Japanese Jujutsu as well as a Japanese Weapon’s instructor. She has a Masters of Physical Education specializing in Seniors Fitness. She is a Tai Chi instructor and Yoga Instructor. Her chosen field, before Martial Arts, was Kinesiology.

So, you can be sure that the 50+  program offered at this school will be safe, and carefully structured to offer a variety of exercises to improve muscle strength, balance, flexibility and coordination. Additionally, the Self Defence component offered in each class is a bonus for the participant. No breaking boards, no push-ups to exhaustion, no fighting/sparring and no yelling – just good, basic, safe training for you and your mind.

Come in and meet Donna Gardecki, Chief Instructor at West Coast Gojukai Studio. Tea is always on!

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