Beginner Adults

Beginner Adults Karate

Do I have to be in shape to join?

Not necessarily - our competent instructors will factor in your age and fitness level when conducting the class - if you are concerned, check with your doctor first

Will I be expected to do dozens of push ups and other types of conditioning exercises?

Absolutely not. In the beginner classes, we focus on helping you develop good form and you will be allowed to work at your own level

Will it take a long time before I am fit enough to perform the basic exercises in the class?

It depends on lots of things - your current fitness level, your overall health and the consistency and frequency of your training. Supplemented with practice at home and by attending classes regularly, you will see dramatic results in a few months

Will I have to break boards?

Definitely not. Breaking boards and bricks has little to do with regular practice and more to do with testing the spirit and is mostly done by advanced students.

40+ Karate 

This class is a beginner level Karate class specifically designed for those 40 and over who have not been training regularly. It is held on Saturday mornings from 10:30 - 12:00 AM - Check our calendar as this runs seasonally.

 No board breaking! 

Just safe, age appropriate martial art training and a lot of fun. Get stronger, breath better, get better balance and become more flexible with us. Learn how to fall safely with step by step training every class.

Taught by a ’40-plus’ female certified Karate instructor and Kinesiologist.  For more info and to register, email: 

Not ’40-plus’ yet? .. I won’t check your I.D.    *** Over 65 - take 20% off ***

"As an adult beginner I did wonder a bit if I would fit in with younger more advanced students. From the first class I felt at home and have enjoyed the training from day one!" -- D.H.

Donna Gardecki, M.Sc., BPe; 6th degree black belt and Certified Yoga Teacher (200 hrs)

Sign up for the beginner package in Sept or Jan and get 4 months instead of 3!

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